When I was 8 years old I already started to make photo's
My father gave me an old Agfa photobox, I still have it,
You know it, you can make black and white photo's with big negatives.
Now I have a Canon 60d and Canon 300d, digital reflexcamera.

I love to make portets
I love the combi with theatre
But also pure beautiful scenery's from nature
In the Netherlands or in a strange far foreign country
I mostly do my photography on demand
You can rent me, for example, as a party-photographer
Or a romantic photoshoot
Party: "A model for one day"
Or "With your animal on a portret"
On location or here in "The Palace"
For adults as well as for children

Also have look on my dutch business website
"Kijk eens naar mijn vogeltje"

I'm good in

 putting people spontanious on a photo
and let them laugh to my photocamera
seriously where it has to be
 photoshop where needed
of simply not.......

Enjoy my pictures below..................

Took in  Pieterburen, Nederland
Venezuela and AustraliŽ 



Big contrast.... but  beautiful Venezuela

 AustraliŽ, my birthcountry

And so on... I can talk about for hours and hours.....and never to be stopped.....